Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Cat Naps Finally Happens in 2008

I'm finally starting this blog to document life in Brooklyn/NYC and any other things I'm currently into. One of my 08 intentions is motivation, so hopefully I'll post frequently.

We closed out 2007 with a big trip back west to see family and friends and take some much needed time away from reality. Some highlights included:
  • BBQ Turkey and massive overeating in Ojai
  • Playing soccer and losing to my mom's dog callie
  • Noontime margaritas and more with old friends in Laguna
  • Morning hot tub soaks with Artie and Eileen
  • Bolompie papusas
  • Playing with Robert and Amy's three cats
  • Madness at the Hemlock
  • New Years back in Laguna with Jessica, Jason and their friends
Here are some pics. Stay tuned for more soon...