Sunday, December 14, 2008


Rings have been made. Now I just need to solder the braided part around the flat band, solder the two bands together, create a bezel for the stone and set the stone.

This is what the band will look like once I solder the braid on the flat band. I'm doing two bands like this and the stone will sit between them. Not sure why I did such a complicated design, but it will be cool once it's done.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


We had our first New York Thanksgiving this year. It was also the first time we hosted it at our house. It all started with an excellent young turkey from Bell & Evans. You might have heard of Bell & Evans as they are the people who provide the turkey for the president every year. Not the one that gets pardoned, the real one. You can't really tell from the picture, but this guy was somewhere between 18 and 20 pounds. I had to bring him home from the butcher in our little shopping cart because he was too heavy to carry.
We brined the turkey in a salt water bath for about 12 hours. It was kind of gross because the water turned all pink and bloody. After we put the turkey in the oven we had this yummy cheese plate.Doesn't this look perfect? It kind of reminded me of that movie Delicatessen though. Here is some of the other great food we had. In the front are samosas that anshuman made by hand. I also see the marshmallow yams Ellie made and the mashed potatoes, roasted carrots and green beans that Jason made at our house. Cranberries on the side. There were cheesy potatoes that Susie made not shown in this pic and gluten-free stuffing that I made. Oh and you can't forget the gluten-free pumpkin pie and berry pie we had after a long walk around the neighborhood.
The next day Scott and I took leftovers to Central Park and had a little picnic and then went to the Whitney to see the William Eggleston exhibit. I love the Whitney. It's the perfect size and never overwhelming. It was super crowded, but it felt like a real New York thing to do, so I mostly enjoyed viewing his amazing photos with a hundred other people.