Thursday, August 28, 2008

$425 worth of gold

Can you believe it's so small? I created this alloy last week by combining 24 karat gold with a tiny bit of silver and copper. You pick the color you want your gold to look like and then use a handy chart to figure out how much silver/copper to add to get that color. I went for Very Deep Yellow, 18 karat, which should be a bit darker than the usual color you see.
Yesterday I went to R Gems in the city to pick out a stone for the ring. I've always loved rocks and gems (even had a rock tumbler as a kid) so I could have spent hours looking at all of their stones. I ended up with a garnet (my birthstone) and a green quartz. I think I'll probably go with the garnet for this ring. They were super nice and even gave Scott and me a tour of the back where they cut the stones. The guy was saying that they use a diamond blade to cut the stones and this type of blade won't hurt your finger if you touch it. He fired it up to show us and pressed his finger against it firmly and sure enough nothing happened. Then he took a rock to it and it cut right through. I'm a little confused about how exactly that happened.

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